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Injuries I have or had


I'll tell you why. Every time I get an "injury" of some sort, I tend to think the worst, and expect whatever is wrong to remain wrong forever. However, the truth is that every single "injury" I've ever had has been resolved, or at least I know how to resolve it or make symptoms go away. The purpose of this page is to make me finally understand this.

As a disclaimer, "injury" here mostly means weird muscle or joint pain, rather than broken bones or severed limbs.

I start counting at around the start of 2020. The idea is to go through this list every once in a while, and mark items "gone" when they are resolved.

Also, things listed under "reaction" below are mostly my LOLworthy 1st pessimistic thoughts to whatever happened. It's like a native seeing an eclipse for the first time, I guess, and going full TILT.


pain at right shoulder blade, mainly when getting up

pain in left pec/shoulder/neck

sensitive at inside under right foot when touching it or standing on toes

Gone / know-how-to-fix

"electric" pain at palm of left hand/wrist when bending hand back or carrying weight

left lower back muscle pain (erector spinae?)

stiffness/pain when rotating lower arms internally

left side shoulder/back pain (trapezius?)

knee pain after high bar squatting, running or front squatting

left wrist pain after giving left hook

bruised rib at lower left side of ribcage

sciatia (I guess) right heel

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